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Where I Write – Laraine Burrell

I generally write at home. I have two “serene” spots, one in my back garden for when the weather is nice, and one in my kitchen nook looking out at my backyard.  Both places have views of flowers and trees, and often my four cats sitting companionably nearby.  Having travelled the world living in many diverse societies, and sometimes in uncomfortable surroundings, I now truly appreciate the simplicity of my life today.  The simplicity and calmness around me allows my mind to open up to the creative, writing process.

My creative ideas come from my own life experiences but each idea may percolate for years in my mind until I think I am emotionally ready to put the idea into words.  I hope one day to be able to write full-time so I can finally put onto paper all of these ideas that are constantly buzzing around in my mind.

Laraine Burrell

Laraine Denny Burrell was born and raised in England and at sixteen won a full scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, England. Burrell spent many years living and working all over the world, performing as a professional dancer, singer, and actress. Eventually, she moved to the United States to join the cast of what was then the largest stage show in the world, Hello Hollywood Hello, at the MGM Grand in Reno, Nevada. After retiring as a performer, she went on to obtain three academic degrees, including a law degree. Burrell currently practices as an intellectual property attorney and litigator for a well-established law firm in Washington State. She has written many law-related articles for legal, trade, and general publications. Her short story “The Perfect Crime” was published in Woman’s World Magazine.

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