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Where I Write – Kes Trester

As with most writers, my motto is: “Have computer, will travel.” I have written in hotel rooms between conference events, on cliffs overlooking the Bay of Banderas, in the shadow of London’s Shard, and just about everywhere in between. However, my favorite place to write is at home with a pack of rescue dogs at my feet.

My office is on the second floor of my Los Angeles home. Outside is a fountain that turns on every morning to gurgle away the city noise, all except for the flock of wild parrots who perch in the backyard trees. On a wall-mounted bulletin board over my desk are pictures of my latest set of characters as I imagine them along with my kids’ artwork through the years. They no longer bring me art projects, but a big wicker chair and a cozy sofa across the way pretty much guarantees this is where my teens relax for a bit at the end of each day.

My constant companions, though, are a motley crew of fur people. Nemo, the hundred-pound lab/greyhound mix, wedges himself under my desk exactly at dinnertime every night. Rosie, a blonde poof of dubious origins, is content to snooze on my lap while I churn out words. Cooper, a terrier mix, can usually be found doing odd contortions in his sleep as he hogs the sofa.

Yes, I am beyond lucky. I have a family I love, a job I adore, and a group of furry friends always happy to spend the day with me as I set my dreams to paper.

Kes Trester

A native of Los Angeles, Kes Trester’s first job out of college was on a film set, though the movie title will remain nameless because it was a really bad film. Really. Determined to combine her love of reading and writing with the excitement of Hollywood, she became a film development executive, working on a variety of independent films, from gritty dramas (guns and hotties) to steamy vampire love stories (fangs and hotties) to teens-in-peril genre movies (blood and hotties).

Kes produced a couple of indie films, both award-winners on the festival circuit, before seguing into television. As head of production for a Hollywood-based film company, she supervised the budgeting and production of national television commercials (celebrities, aliens, talking chickens!) and award-winning music videos for artists such as Radiohead, Coldplay, and OKGO (more celebrities, aliens, and talking chickens!).

In an attempt to raise YA’s who could actually pick their mom out of a line up, Kes turned to writing fulltime. Her contemporary novels for young adults are cinematic, fast-paced, and above all, fun. Add a pack of rescue dogs to the mix, and that’s also an apt description of life in the busy Trester household.

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