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Where I Write – Anne Leigh Parrish

My home office is a fantastic space, with a ten foot ceiling and three large north-facing windows. Were I a painter, I’d be thrilled with that useful orientation, but I’m thoroughly delighted in any case, because in Western Washington, any light is crucial to keeping one’s creative energy alive, especially during the winter when the sun won’t rise until around 8:00 a.m.

I have three desks, which form a U; one where the computer sits; another for paying bills; and the third for proofing hard copies of whatever I’m working on. That last was built around 1915, belonged first to my grandfather, a professor of Speech and Elocution, and was in his office at the University of Illinois. Then it sat in my father’s office at Cornell University where he taught English Literature. Now it’s in my home, outside of Olympia, Washington.

The wall I face when at my keyboard has original art, mostly from the Pacific Northwest, but there is fantastic set of five Vogue fashion plates from 1912. They were given to my mother by a relative in Paris, and I had them restored when they passed down to me. Those elegant, dainty women have inspired my fiction from time to time. Each one tells her own amazing story.

The two bookcases are filled with glass art I’ve picked up here and there, as well as all my published books and short stories. It’s a room no one else uses, mine alone, and every single thing in it reflects some part of my aesthetic.

But the most important items are the computer and keyboard, where I spend hours every day, trying to give that pesky blank page something wise, or kind, or thrilling others will be glad to read. It’s an honor to work here, and I hope my words—past, present, and future—inspire, encourage, and bring joy.

Anne Leigh Parrish

Anne Leigh Parrish is the author of over forty published short stories, and numerous articles on the art and craft of writing. Her most recent book, Women Within, published in Sept 2017 (Black Rose Writing). Earlier titles include a short story collection, By the Wayside (February 2017 by Unsolicited Press); All The Roads That Lead From Home, stories (Press 53, 2011); Our Love Could Light The World, stories (She Writes Press, 2013); What Is Found, What Is Lost, a novel (She Writes Press, 2014). Follow her on Twitter @annelparrish or at her website


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