With the holidays far behind us and winter vacation a cherished memory of the past, we’re left only with cold weather and anticipation for spring – oh, and a few books that will absolutely make your winter the best ever. We’re the book experts and we’ve prescribed each of our loyal Sparks an extra dose of literary glory sure to shatter winter blues.

Sweet Southern Hearts by Susan Schild

This heartwarming tale about the first few days of newlywed life will remind you that love and marriage is nothing but life’s most unpredictable roller coaster. Page by page, your winter chills will melt away as you fall in love with the charming characters Linny Taylor and Jack Avery – and all their unexpectedly hilarious problems.

Sweet Lake by Christine Nolfi

If you are looking for 2017’s literary version of Sweet Home Alabama (with a dash of Gilmore Girls) we guarantee you’ll fall in love with Sweet Lake – the wholesome and unputdownable tale of Linnie Wayfair trying to navigate her town’s expectations while discovering her heart’s true desires.

The Housekeeper by Suellen Dainty

This psychological thriller gives a whole new meaning to dirty laundry. Newly dumped Anne Morgan desperately accepts a job as housekeeper to her celebrity idol Emma Helmsley and her picture-perfect family…except Anne discovers terrifying secrets under the rug that could unhinge her sanity and future forever.

It Happens All the Time by Amy Hatvany

A precious friendship is shattered when a drunken kiss leads to irreversible heartbreak and consequences. A brave literary ode to the issue of consent, It Happens All the Time will be the buzz of the reading world upon its March release.

Drop In by Sara Harvey Yao

This life-changing gem is the foolproof blueprint for leading a more mindful, courageous and present lifestyle in 2017 and beyond. Go ahead and order your copy immediately – oh, and while you’re at it, snag a few copies for your friends and family.

Navigating Life by Margaux Bergen

Warning for mothers and homesick daughters: this book will induce bouts of serious feels. Author Margaux Bergen penned this inspiring and heartwarmingly honest guide to life for her daughter and delivered it to her on the first day of college. If your winter blues aren’t gone from that fact alone, just read the first page.

Check out the Winter Reading Challenge including all the above books! And if you need more awesome reads to curl up with this winter, check out these below!

When the Lights Go Out by David Rodriguez

When someone attempts to murder and permanently disfigures star boxer David Rodriguez, he has two choices: succumb to misery through addiction and suicide or fight for his life. He chose the latter, and this inspiring tale from despair to rock-star-advocate against childhood bullying will leave every reader motivated this winter and beyond.

Sad Perfect by Stephanie Elliot

Pea and Ben are two star-crossed teenagers and nothing can come in between their love – that is, except for Pea’s emotional monsters and eating disorder. This stunning story of overcoming deep-rooted demons and discovering the strength to take control of life will add endless sensations to your winter. This is the ultra portrait of hope everyone needs to jump start 2017 (AKA the best year ever).

Renegade Red by Lauren Horowitz

Magical brothers fighting for love, cities in ruins, adrenaline-inducing labyrinths, legions of tyrants and the inspiring strength of friendship – if we haven’t convinced you to devour Renegade Red yet, you’ll be battling winter blues way longer than necessary.

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