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Where I Write – Phyllis Piano

I am a world explorer, so I write everywhere—planes, boats, trains, buses and at home…I’ve learned to write in all kinds of environments as I constantly travel. My husband and I divide our time between California, the Midwest and Great Britain.

My husband is English, so we visit family and friends in the UK frequently and love exploring other parts of the world. I had a long corporate career and traveled internationally for my job, so I’ve spent a lot of time on the go.

I find I am inspired by new places, and it’s fun to feature these locations in my novels. My new book, Love Reconsidered, to be published on August 8, was written on three continents.

The places where friends and family live inspire me most.

The scene from our backyard is a constant inspiration. The view never gets old.

If you look near the water, you can see the tiny figures of the Beatles statue in Liverpool, the birthplace of my husband. On the left is the Port of Liverpool building; on the right the original Cunard headquarters with the Liver building in the background.

When we go to visit family and friends in Liverpool, we can see a statue of the Beatles out the window. In the early morning, they are all alone, but later in the day, the crowds gather to take photos and pay their respects.

Here is a sunset in downtown Milwaukee, my hometown. Beautiful.

Scenes from my travels constantly inspire, and I love photos of windows and doors. This is Arles in France, the area that inspired many painters including Van Gogh and Monet.

Visiting Jane Austen’s house near London was a dream come true for me and a true inspiration.

That’s me on one of those really significant birthdays in front of the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Can you believe the beauty of Strasbourg in France? This is a photo I took on one of our most recent trips.

Phyllis Piano

Phyllis J. Piano spent more than 30 years as an award-winning corporate communications expert for some of the world’s largest companies. She has somehow managed to maintain her sense of humor, love of writing, and her passion for life and the people she loves and cares about throughout it all.

A world traveler, Piano has left the corporate world and has fallen back into the arms of her own first love…writing. She and her husband split their time between California, England and the Midwest. When she is not packing a bag, making artisan sourdough bread or cooking with lots of garlic, Piano is working on a screenplay and her next novel. Love Reconsidered is out August 8, 2017.

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