One thing is sure when it comes to Grease: the movie is filled with memorable characters. If the cast were to take part in this year’s BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge (#SRC2018), we think these are the books they’d go wild for.

Sandy would read How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

This instant New York Times bestseller follows the life of Margaret Jacobsen after a tragic plane crash leaves her injured in the hospital. Dealing with a difficult relationship with her sister and a fiancé who pities himself too much, Margaret is determined to turn her life around. How to Walk Away follows the journey of Margaret as she takes back her life, finds new love and recovers from a harrowing accident. This sweet women’s fiction read reminds us of Sandy’s sincerity and kind heart.

Rizzo would read The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll

A fictional reality show brings five ultra-competitive women together in this new release from Jessica Knoll. Sisters Kelly and Brett have just joined Goal Diggers, a new reality series set in New York City but what neither of them knows is that only one will make it out of the taping alive. Knoll’s new novel will have readers on the edge of their seats as they try to unveil the killer. We think Rizzo would love this because she’s constantly surrounded by women who love a little drama.

Frenchy would read How Hard Can It Be? by Allison Pearson

In the follow-up to Pearson’s bestseller, I Don’t Know How She Does It, Kate Reddy’s story continues as she struggles to raise her teens and rejoin the workforce. Restarting her career feels like the perfect choice for her family but when her teens begin to act out and her husband seems to be indulging in his mid-life crisis, she begins to rethink her decision. Looks like Frenchy, the beauty school dropout, isn’t the only one struggling to commit to a career path.

Marty would read Tell Me Lies by Carola Lovering

Lovering’s debut about finding love and the dangerous secrets that come out of a toxic relationship is a perfect summer read. Tell Me Lies is the story of Lucy and Stephen as they begin college and discover the way they feel about one another. Both facing tumultuous pasts, they keep dark secrets from one another that they both know would ruin their relationship forever. This novel details what happens when two people hold onto the wrong kind of love and we think the flirtatious Marty Maraschino would eat this book up.

Danny would read Providence by Caroline Kepnes

Jon and Chloe have a friendship unlike any other and when Jon is kidnapped, his dreams of being with Chloe are ruined but when he reappears four years later with no explanation and new powers, the pair will be confronted with things neither of them can explain. Simultaneously, seemingly healthy students are dropping dead, leaving one detective to solve the difficult case. Danny knows what it’s like to have his love interest unexpectedly reappear. Could you imagine if this happened at Rydell High? Grease would have been a totally different movie.

Sonny would read All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin

Every father’s nightmare is realized in this new novel from Emily Giffin. Tom Volpe is doing his best in giving his daughter Lyla the life she deserves but when scandalous pictures of her are released to the entire school after a drunken night, the finger will be pointed at one well-to-do teenage boy. This novel covers the difficulties of being a parent, looking at both sides of a high school scandal. We think Sonny would benefit from this book because it reveals what can happen when you’re a jerk to women.

Kenickie would read Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott

In high school, Kit and Diane formed a unique friendship, spurred on by their ambitious personalities. But their friendship was short-lived as Diane revealed a secret to Kit that tore the two apart for years. Now, almost a decade later, the two are brought back together and this time, their meeting will be less than cordial. Both competing for a high stakes research position, they’ll find that their competitive natures have nightmarish consequences. Kenickie would definitely find some similarities in this book to his own rowdy relationship with Rizzo.

Putzie would read Hidden by Kelli Clare

In Kelli Clare’s romantic thriller, one woman is put to the ultimate test after her grandmother and sister are murdered. Having recently met the mysterious Will Hastings, she can’t help but wonder if he had anything to do with the crime but runs away with him and her niece to London anyways. Once in London, she’ll find that there not everything is what it seems. With secret societies and assassins at her heels, she’ll have to uncover the dangerous secrets from her family’s past if she has any hope at saving herself and the family she has left. Much like Will Hastings, Putzie is the quiet yet charming character Grease fans know and love.

Principal McGee would read Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding

Frances Metcalfe is a hot mess of a mother with a mischievous young son she can’t control. Recently accepted into an elite private school, Frances is relieved that her child will finally have a stable life but the mothers at this new school are less than welcoming and Frances can’t help but feel defeated… until she meets fellow down-to-earth mom, Kate Randolph. As the women grow closer, they’ll soon find that one of them is holding a dark and murderous secret that will either make or break their relationship. We’re not sure even Principal McGee could handle all the shenanigans taking place at this private school.

Cha-Cha would read The Other Woman by Sandie Jones

This new thrilling novel looks at the relationship between Emily, Adam and Adam’s controlling mother. Emily must take into account the kind of relationship she wants as her potential mother in law does all she can to push Emily out of the equation. The Other Woman tells the story of what all women fear most: an overbearing and dangerous mother who can’t let her son go. Cha-cha knows all about being the “other woman” and would probably use this book as a guide for how to steal Danny away once again.

Patty would read Better Than This by Cathy Zane

In Better Than This, main character Sarah Jenkins seems to have it all, but under the surface, Sarah is highly critical of herself, striving for a better life. Everyone around Sarah envies her life but as her perfect façade fades and her secrets are unleashed, everything she had begins to fall apart. Just when she thinks all is lost, she comes across an unopened letter that will forever change her life and have her rethinking the kind of person she wants to be. We think goody two-shoes Patty Simcox would seriously relate to Sarah.

Eugene would read Trouble the Water by Jacqueline Friedland

In this historical fiction novel, Abigail Milton is sent to America on the brink of a family financial crisis, leaving everything she knows behind. Arriving in Charleston, she’s immediately greeted by the head of the household, Douglas. Getting off to a rocky start, the two assume the worst about one another. But when Abigail finds out Douglas is on a mission to free an enslaved black man, she joins his mission and finds herself liking the man more than she had ever imagined. The school nerd with a pitcher’s throwing arm would be engrossed in this story about a man who is so much more than meets the eye.