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Our #BookSparksBookClub pick of the month is Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land. Have you grabbed your copy yet?

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Discussion Questions

  1. Do you feel Milly/Annie turned on her mom to save other children or to save herself?
  2. Why do you believe Milly was still clinging to her mother’s love and lessons?
  3. How did moving into a foster family of fairly unstable people further effect Milly?
  4. Are Phoebe and Milly alike? Both victims of their mothers? Why did they seem to turn out so different?
  5. Is Milly responsible for her bad side or just a product of her mother?
  6. Is it nature or nurture that drives Milly’s actions?
  7. What is the healthiest relationship in Milly’s life now? MK, Morgan, Mike? Is she even capable of having real relationships?
  8. What role does guilt play in this novel?
  9. Are Milly’s “bad” thoughts a product of her mother or does she just have two sides like everyone else?
  10. Did Milly make the right choice with Daniel? Did she really spare him more pain?

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