The Goddess Twins

After years of traveling the world, black identical twins Aurora and Arden find themselves forced into a wild new reality just when they think they’ve finally settled into normalcy in Ohio. Days before their eighteenth birthday, the snarky twins develop powers in telekinesis and telepathy—at the same time as their famous mother, on tour in London, disappears.

Searching for answers and determined to rescue her, the sisters unearth truths that threaten to extinguish their bond and demolish their strength as individuals. Can they trust their beguiling, newly discovered British cousins when they barely trust one another? Should they heed the warnings of their immortal grandmother, a Patoi chatting goddess, who says she’s friendly with The Fates and can see inside a person’s very soul?

In order to succeed in their quest, these goddess twins must work together, master their powers, and unveil a horrifying, century old family mystery. Otherwise, they may not live to see eighteen—or their mother again.


Author: Yodassa Williams

Publication Date: May 19, 2020