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We get asked all the time if BookBub is a good idea and how to make the most of a Featured Deal placement on BookBub. This webinar, How to Maximize BookBub, is perfect for:

  • Authors hoping to land a coveted spot on the world’s largest book promotion platform
  • Authors who want to know how else to use the site and what ways to promote your BookBub deal
  • Authors who want to know what to expect in terms of sales and costs
  • Authors who want to look inside all of the elements of three VERY successful BookBub campaigns 

In addition to actual AND actionable insights into the BookBub platform, this webinar will answer all your questions about using BookBub to promote your book and guide you to making your featured deal a success. During the webinar we will also share three author case studies from authors who maximized sales using the BookBub platform (one author sold 17,000 copies of her book, largely thanks to her BookBub promotion and the buzz it generated).

The webinar “How to Maximize BookBub” will answer many questions, such as:

  • How does the curation process work?
  • How can you make your submission as interesting and competitive as possible?
  • Why are some books selected for a Featured Deal, and not others?
  • Does timing really matter?