But Not Forever

Could she be everything you aren’t, but somehow—still be you?

It’s the year 2015 and Sonnet McKay is the smarty-pants daughter of a globe-trotting diplomat, home for the summer from her exotic life. Everything would be perfect if not for her stunning sister, whose bright star has always left her in the shadows. In 1895, passionate Emma Sweetwine is trapped in a Victorian mansion, dreaming of wings to fly her far beyond her lonesome mountain home. As the mistreated daughter of the richest man in town, she lives with the heartbreaking knowledge that her mother loves her brothers but doesn’t love her.

IIn the same house at the same moment, 120 years apart, fierce storms attack and the identical fifteen-year-olds are mysteriously switched in time. As both girls struggle to adapt to this sudden change, destiny intervenes—Sonnet falls in love with a boy and Emma falls in love with a life—and in both their new worlds, astonishing family secrets are discovered. Torn, both girls find themselves wanting to go home yet reluctant to give up what they now have.

But Not Forever is an enchanting story of love and longing, and the heart’s ultimate quest to find where it belongs.



Author: Jan Von Schleh

Publication Date: June 12, 2018


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