Bridge of the Gods

Twelve year-old Chloe Ashton is an only child living in the remote wilderness of Oregon. She spends her days happily exploring the forests around her home, and is astonished when the forest creatures seem to begin to recognize her, follow her, and even to communicate with her. When a family tragedy results in Chloe being abducted and sold to the vagabonds who live deep in the woods, she discovers just how muchthe animals know. Finding help in the most unexpected places, Chloe learns the old legends are true—animals can talk, mountains do think, and deep in the forests, the trees still practice their old ways—and she struggles to survive, even as a new evil rises in the land. Set at a time when technology first arrived in the West, Bridge of the Gods is a book about the transformative power of nature, finding friendship in the darkest of places, and using an ancient, natural magic to find your way home.



Author: Diane Rios

Publication Date: August 15, 2017



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