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Project Description

Strat Warden grew up in rural Nebraska in the 1960’s was an accomplished high school and college athlete, and served as a corpsman with the US Marines before earning a commission in the US Navy Medical Corps. He completed his training as a general surgeon in the US Navy and served in that capacity until he entered private practice in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Dr. Warden retired in 2005 to spend more time with his children, devote more attention to ZirMed, Inc. where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board, and to write Huskers to help his children understand the “true awards” of participating in sports.


Huskers follows an introspective and resourceful young boy who becomes a reluctant leader when six of his friends, losers all, choose to follow him on a journey. It is about their desire and their need to become more than the little boys they perceive themselves to be. Huskers is an account of their quest and how, together, they learn to accept and overcome their individual flaws, struggle with their growing awareness of girls, andconfront and conquer their personal demons. Along the broken and rocky climb, each finds inner strength and, as a team, they discover their character andrealize the true value of sport. Seen through the clarity of a simpler time and place―rural Nebraska in 1960, Huskers is a testimony to the true values children should be learning through participation in youth sports.


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