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Project Description

Michelle Darné has been a prominent figure in the fashion, advertising, marketing, publishing, and entertainment industries for more than thirty years. In 2000, she bet on a market nobody believed existed when she decided to publish And Baby Magazine: Redefining Modern Parenting which became the pioneer national magazine to focus on alternative parenting. Within a few years, And Baby became a radio show with 7 million listeners, and then a TV series followed by 35 million homes through Time Warner cable. In 2005, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) named Darné the inaugural Entrepreneur of the Year. She is currently the CEO and Executive Producer of Patina Entertainment, a digital media company providing quality content for underserved niche markets. To amplify the impact she aims to have through Parent Deleted, she also recently joined the board of Erasing Family, a documentary on family bond obstruction, and founded Simply Parent, a non-profit that is dedicated to forging a society where good parenting is protected in all its diverse genesis, forms, and colors.


An acclaimed spokesperson for equality at the helm of And Baby, a pioneer magazine, radio show, and TV series on alternative parenting, Michelle Darné found herself at once callously erased from the lives of her children and silenced by the law. Parent Deleted is a gripping tale of one non-biological, lesbian mother’s fight for her children―an intimate, infuriating, and infectious story of perseverance, sacrifice, and hope in the face of debilitating adversity. And it is a courageous, disturbing, and necessary exposé of a likely emergent social justice frontier: the rights of all children to be with their parents, whether they are biologically linked, straight, gay, prepared or knocked up, perfect spouses or fallible ones.


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