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Project Description

Leah Chyten has been a philosopher since youth. Her essay “Life as a Creative Unfoldment” won state recognition as the most original graduation speech in the state of MA. Before attending college she homesteaded in Maine, where she raised animals, children, and vegetables and compiled a collection of songs, poetry, short stories, and a novel. After reluctantly leaving the woods to study psychology and spiritual traditions she became a psychotherapist, workshop leader, and teacher of spirituality. She currently lectures and facilitates groups that explore all facets and dimensions of human potential.


When the world is erupting in violence and chaos, something is out of balance—and what is needed is the return of the exiled Shekinah, the feminine aspect of the divine. Shekinah’s compassion for our planet’s suffering compels Her to attempt a mission of return, but She needs the help of others.

Set in Eastern Europe in the first half of the twentieth century and culminating in Israel and Palestine, Light Radiance Splendor follows three generations of fiercely devoted mission keepers as they grapple with loss of faith, betrayal, and forgiveness, as well as the decoding of an elusive manuscript. Will the mission succeed? Will Shekinah return to heal a fractured world—or are we beyond saving?


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