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Project Description

Jessica Stevens grew up knowing without a doubt that she would become a professional ballet dancer. When life told her otherwise, she went to college like the rest of the world and earned a degree in psychology. Shortly after, while raising her two boys, she found herself glued to her computer all hours of the night while everyone else slept. Today she lives in suburbs of Milwaukee spending as much time as possible on lakes and rivers.


Love can last forever . . . Xander Hemlock is trapped somewhere between life and death, inches away from the girl he loves. Forced to watch helplessly as she struggles with the pain from his death and continues living a life without him.

Lila Walker is left behind, a shell of her former self, forced into a future she wants no part of. She must now decide which is the lesser of two evils: moving on or following her heart and believing the unbelievable. . . . when death is only temporary.


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