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Project Description

A teacher and writer, Jan Stites taught screenwriting at San Francisco State and U.C. Berkeley Extension; geography in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico; African literature in Kenya; and middle school in Missouri and California. She’s written numerous screenplays and treatments, three of which were optioned. Her articles on Native American issues were published in the Village Voice and The Progressive.

Jan lives with her husband in northern California. They spend a week most summers canoeing on Ozark rivers. Jan loves to sit and stare at the river and the altered images it reflects back. She aspires to do that for her readers: create a tapestry of reflections and characters that in some measure enriches their lives the way so many talented writers have enriched hers.


Tulsa Riley lives in a picturesque, if rundown, white clapboard farmhouse she and her grandmother Ruby have shared for the last seventeen of Tulsa’s twenty-eight years. Just alongside their house runs Sweet Oak River – and their small business, the Oasis canoe rental.  After Tulsa’s mother died, the river had been her lifeline, and this house the only real home she’d ever known. She and Ruby were content with simple living, with nature as their riches and friendship to fill in the lonely places. Until one day Ruby hands Tulsa a paperback novel, Sunny Chandler’s Return by Sandra Brown. As derisive as Tulsa is about romance novels, she acquiesces to her grandmother’s idea of a book club with their 3 closest friends. And no one is more surprised than Tulsa that what they read inspires her and the other women to re-unite lost family members and open their hearts to love and forgiveness – and change all of their lives forever.


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