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Project Description

Gina Carroll is an author, speaker and editor who believes that everyone has a story that matters. Also the author of 24 Things You Can Do with Social Media to Help Get into College, she helps students use their social media to share their best stories and show their highest selves online.

As a partner at Inspired Wordsmith, a writing services business, Gina helps aspiring writers and business professionals get their life stories in print. Her experience spans the legal, corporate and real estate fields. She has worked in large firms and corporations, as well as, small, entrepreneurial start-ups. A longtime freelancer and blogger, she has written 1000s of articles on an exhaustive variety of subject matter, in addition to maintaining her own four blogs. She most treasures helping other authors make their manuscript dreams come true.

Gina was born and raised in Los Angeles, and currently lives with her husband and children in Houston, Texas. The frenetic movement of her large family across the country (relocating, commuting, and traveling for sports and music) resembles Ringling Brothers meets Partridge Family road tour. They have lived on Long Island, New York; San Francisco, Los Angeles and Woodside, California; and Houston, Texas (twice). Four of her children are now in college and beyond, and her youngest child is in boarding school. She is a graduate of Stanford University and UCLA Law School.


A Story That Matters explores our ability to help, heal and connect to others through story, reminding us of the greater need for a broader array of authentic voices in the story-sharing universe.

Not everyone has a best-selling memoir in them. But we do all have a story that matters to someone—our children, our lovers, our colleagues, and most importantly, ourselves. Our stories also matter to others who we may not know, but whose stories are reflected in our own.

A Story that Matters offers an accessible and simplified way to get your stories written. As editor and beloved author, Anita Bunkley, says, A Story that Matters is “a unique book that is both a bit of a memoir and a writing guide– an inspirational message and a self-help workbook.” Each chapter is divided into three sections. The first section discusses memoir writing in the context of themes (one theme per chapter)— mother memoir, childhood, relationships, professional life and spiritual journey. The second section of the chapter provides basic writing and editing prescription, with a focus on common beginner mistakes and road blocks. The third section is a sample story related to the life theme discussed in the first section of the chapter. Because the book includes several stories and anecdotes from the author’s own life, it illustrates one of its central tenets– that individual stories can be effectively combined to offer a complete and holistic life picture.

A Story that Matters is chock full of writing and editing lessons that focus on how to get a first draft written and how to craft the draft into a compelling story. Chapter Seven provides a unique prompt system that guides writers through a process of mining their memories; developing themes and getting their stories started.


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