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Project Description

Cathryn Novak has had a love affair with words that began as soon as she could read. After graduating with a degree in Communications and Public Policy from U.C. Berkeley, Cathryn did a stint in advertising before devoting the rest of her professional career to public service. During that period she wore many hats including speech writer, policy analyst, and investigative report writer. Her monograph on the Los Angeles Police Commission, The Years of Controversy, was published by the Police Foundation in Washington, D.C. Now retired, Cathryn has returned to her first love, the world of fiction. Size Matters is her first novel.


Take one very large, reclusive and eccentric man who lives to eat. Add one young woman fresh out of culinary school who lives to cook. Stir in a love of musical comedy and fresh brewed exotic tea, with just a hint of magic. Will the result be a soufflé, a hearty stew, or a charred inedible mess?


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