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Project Description

Blaise Lucey is an award-winning author and digital marketer located in New York City. His short stories, which have been nominated for the Pushcart prize and Dzanc Books “Best of the Web” award have appeared in publications such as The Claremont Review and Every Day Fiction. His short story collection, Technology & Culture Stink!, was self-published in 2013. Blest is his first novel. In his spare time, he likes running and playing bass in his band, Job Creators.

Follow him on Twitter @blaiselucey00 or visit to learn more.

about BLEST

Growing up in a small suburb of St. Louis, sixteen-year-old Jim Blest has always known that he’s different. But he never thought he’d find someone else like him until the beautiful and mysterious Claire Morgan moves to town. When they kiss for the first time, the force of it is earth-shattering—literally. And then everything Jim has ever known suddenly changes.

As it turns out, Claire isn’t like him. He is an angel, and she’s a demon.

At a school where ancient enemies live among humans in a wary truce, Jim and Claire fight to be together against impossible odds. But a timeless war looms on the horizon, and they stand on opposing sides . . .

From debut author Blaise Lucey comes a breathtaking and action-packed story of heartache, sacrifice, and forbidden love.


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