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Project Description

Barbara Taylor Sissel is the critically acclaimed author of Evidence of Life and Safe Keeping. She is an active member of the Indie Book Collective and World Literary Café, (previously known as the Women’s Literary Café) and the League of Extraordinary Authors. A one-time editor for a small regional press, Barbara also writes and edits for the public relations field and a number of other clients, including best-selling authors.


On the Friday morning before Halloween, when 41-year-old Lauren Wilder almost hits 23-year-old Bo Laughlin with her car at a busy intersection in Hardy’s Walk, Texas, she stops to make sure he’s okay. While he seems fine, her motherly intuition warns her all is not right, and later she contacts the sheriff’s office. It won’t be until the following Tuesday that she’ll hear that Bo has since vanished. Lauren begins the investigation as a witness, but as she unravels the secrets in the small town, including those of her own family, she may in fact become a victim. As Lauren’s history as an addict is revealed – and her husband’s façade breaks – their lives will come crashing down around them.


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