witchIt’s that time of year again – pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, boots, and best of all, a new book from Suzanne Palmieri. No one gets witches better than Suzi! We are thrilled to welcome back this bestselling author and her fourth novel, The Witch House of Persimmon Point (St. Martin’s Griffin, October 11, 2016). If you haven’t read her other wonderfully witchy novels, there’s no better time to start than now! Make sure you check her out as a part of this year’s Fall Reading Challenge, too.


storyIt may be cooling down, but this new client will heat you up! We’d like to extend a sizzling welcome to Tamara Lush, author of the tantalizing new release, Tell Me a Story (Amazon Digital Services, February 16, 2016). Erotic and naughty, this all-in-one compilation of five lusty novellas is why we own Kindles and is totally NSFW! Take a break from sweet summer romances and dive into this steamy read.


Are you head over heels for Mr. Robot? Good, so are we, which is why we are totally stoked to welcome C.E. Tobisman to the Spark family. Her recently released novel Doubt (Thomas & Mercer, August 1, 2016), has us seriously speculating about how bad big business really is. This thrilling tale of hacking and cover-ups will make you question everything. Don’t believe what you see, believe what you hack!

admissionsIf The Nanny Diaries and Shopaholic had a baby, it would be Small Admissions (Atria/Emily Bestler Books, December 27, 2016) and, oh baby, are we excited to welcome Amy Poeppel! In her debut novel, Poeppel uses her own personal experience as a New York admissions professional at a prestigious independent school to give us Kate. Kate just suffered a bad breakup, but now she’s springing back in the heat of admissions season. Dutiful friends, a fixer for a sister and an intriguing neighbor keep her busy and help her rebound.


Roll out the welcome wagon for Stephanie Elliot, author of Sad Perfect (Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR), February 28, 2017) and long-time friend to the BookSparks family. In her debut YA novel, Elliot addresses a topic near and dear to her heart. An eating disorder has taken ahold of Pea and though she tries to hide it, tries to fight it, she can’t gain control alone. This read is one for mother’s and daughters alike, taking a deep dive into the emotional and physical toll of a disorder many have never heard of.

loveWe’re lighting the welcome sparklers to usher in Kristy Kryszczak and her book Unexpected Love (Kristy Kryszczak, September 21, 2016). As a former actress and beauty publicist in New York, the now Naples, FL resident is using her time in the big city to breathe life into her debut. In this enticing romance, “unexpected” is an understatement. Beauty writer Inez has all should could want out of her New York life, but when she meets Jason her heart flutters, but then she meets Jimmy, his brother and the real trouble starts. Grab a cozy blanket and get ready for this season’s big love triangle.

jetsetterWe’re big book people, but our interests run deep, so when we meet an influencer who makes our heart skip a beat, we welcome them to the Spark family with open arms. The Modern Jetsetter is a site for millennials obsessed with travel. We can’t wait to be whisked away with worldly blogger Kortney Gruenwald.

designWhat’s a great book without a great space to read it in? J and J Design House is another two-woman powerhouse influencer we just can’t get enough of. Their beautifully designed spaces make them HGTV Pro Network Designers and also the cause of all our swooning. Jennifer and Joanna, welcome, you’ve designed your way into our hearts!

saraWe’d like to wish a warm welcome to one mindful maven, Sara Yao. She is the CEO of Yao Consulting, a leadership development firm that teaches executives and managers how to lead with presence and make an impact. On top of that she is a two-time author, speaker and podcaster. We’re thrilled to Drop In (She Writes Press, October 2016) on her new book!

phyllisGreetings to Phyllis Piano! There are few things we love more than a second act and Phyllis is launching hers with SparkPress. After more than thirty years as a corporate communications expert, she has returned to her love of writing. Her debut novel, Hostile Takeover released October 2016. We can wait to be taken over by this intriguing Fall read!

emilyWe just love when authors combine their career with fiction, which is why we are so thrilled to roll out the welcome wagon for Emily Brett. As a nurse, her novel, Found (SparkPress, October 2016), is filled with medically mesmerizing detail that we just can’t get enough of. Add to the fact that she is an ASU graduate (like so many of us) and our Sundevil pride is swelling!

monohanLooking to get more spiritually connected? Well then join us in welcoming Jennifer Monahan. Her journey as business strategy consultant turned shaman is as interesting as it sounds and you will be wowed by this incredible tale. Pick up This Trip Will Change Your Life (She Writes Press, November 2016) and start changing yours!

buchananCarrying some baggage? No worries, Laurie Buchanan, PhD is here to help. As a holistic health practitioner and author of the popular blog, Tuesdays with Laurie, Buchanan has been in the business of helping people offload their baggage for years. Now, her new book just might save us all. In Note to Self (She Writes Press, November 2016) Laurie helps teach everyone who to unpack the excess there are carrying.

patriciaSing a chorus of welcomes for Patricia Minger! Our hearts are literally humming along to her debut novel, Magic Flute (She Writes Press, November 2016). Minger’s 25 years singing with the Lamplighters Music Theater of San Francisco meets fiction in this beautiful new novel you’ll love curling up with this season.

catherineWish a roaring welcome to Catherine Lowell! This year she released The Madwoman Upstairs (Touchstone, March 2016), a thrilling novel that combines Brontë lore and a modern mystery to massive acclaim. Now her paperback is ready to be released and we couldn’t be more excited to bring even more attention to this fascinating twist on incredible classics.



October 4, 2016

Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage by Sara Yao

Hostile Takeover: A Novel by Phyllis Piano

An Address in Amsterdam by Mary Fillmore

Provectus: Survival of the Fittest by Monique Stover

Snow Fright by Amie Borst

October 11, 2016

The Witch House of Persimmon Point by Suzanne Palmieri

October 14, 2016

London Belongs to Me by Jacquelyn Middleton

October 18, 2016

Unexpected Love by Kristy Kryszczak

The Next by Stephanie Gangi

Found: A Novel by Emily Brett

October 25, 2016

In the Heart of Texas: A Novel by Ginger McKnight-Chavers

Miracle at Midlife: A Transatlantic Romance by Roni Beth Tower


November 1, 2016

The Amateurs by Sara Shepard

This Trip Will Change Your Life by Jennifer Monahan

Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth by Laurie Buchanan

November 8, 2016

Hindsight: A Novel by Mindy Tarquini

November 16, 2016

Magic Flute by Patricia Minger

November 22, 2016

Size Matters by Cathryn Novak

The Mad Woman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell

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