We are excited to welcome back Michelle Cox and her series of Henrietta and Inspector Clive novels.  A Ring of Truth is the second book in the series and will be releasing at the beginning of April.

We would like to welcome back Grant Jarrett for the third time! His award-winning novel Ways of Leaving was one of the first titles published by SparkPress and we’re thrilled to have him back for his third release, The Half-Life of Remorse.

Annette Gendler’s beautiful and emotionally deep memoir shows the lasting impact of history and love. This spring’s post-World War II must-read is Jumping Over Shadows. Welcome to the BookSparks family, Annette!

We are excited to welcome Jackie Townsend to the SparkPress and BookSparks Family. Her third book, The Absence of Evelyn, takes a journey to three continents to explore the devastating and delightful powers of love.

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Robson. We can’t wait to travel to 1940’s England with her new story Goodnight From London, a wartime story inspired, in part, by her grandmother.

From Wall Street to a creative writing career, we’d like to welcome Jeanne Blasberg. We can’t wait to escape into her novel, Eden, this spring. This family drama will be a must-grab for your first beach trip of the year.

Micayla Lally has gone from full-time mama to full-time writer and we are overjoyed to welcome her to our world. Her book, A Work of Art, promises to be a colorful and rich read on this year’s spring reading list.

We would like to offer a roaring welcome to Leah Chyten and her book Light Radiance Splendor. Her spiritually uplifting and triumphant book is just what humanity needs in a time of uncertainty.

Welcome to our crew, Kate Tyler Wall!  We are ready to take a trip through time with her 50’s-era novel Arboria Park this May. We are all ready to roll out the beach towels and pick up this book.

Welcome Joanne Doucette!  We can’t wait to go on an adventure with forensic psychologist, Dr. Pepper Hunt, in book one of Joanne’s crime series, Last Seen.

By the Wayside by Anne Leigh Parrish

Sweet Lake by Christine Nolfi

Sad Perfect by Stephanie Elliot

The Housekeeper by Suellen Dainty

One Way Down (Or Another) by Calder G. Lorenz

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