Happy March! We are so excited to share our newest clients with you this month! With celebrity praised novels to award-winning series, we’ve got incredible authors and book birthdays you won’t want to miss.


Caroline Kepnes

We are so excited to welcome Caroline Kepnes, author of You and her newest novel – an intense psychological thriller called Hidden Bodies (Atria/Emily Bestler Books, 2016). A Cape Cod native, Caroline has covered pop culture for Entertainment Weekly and Tiger Beat and was also a staff writer for ABC Family. Her first novel, You, was praised by Lena Dunham and Stephen King and Hidden Bodies just scored a rave review in Entertainment Weekly. Take it from us: you will be obsessed!

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We are delighted to welcome Jaime Boust and her book Conquest (Press Publique, 2015) to BookSparks! A Los Angeles based writer, Jaime’s novels range from contemporary literotica to realist alternate histories. Not only is her newest novel a breakthrough ode to the modern woman, Jaime’s talent for literature has been praised by many. We are so excited to work with this author who recently received the 2016 SXSW David Carr Emerging Author Award!

Evangeline Denmark

Evangeline Denmark is another BookSparks project. We’re excited to work with her debut novel Curio through BlinkYA. Evangeline’s love for young adult fantasy and the supernatural led to this USA Today-praised novel about Grey Haward and her adventures to overcome the rule of the Chemists in her small western town.

AR Ivanovich

Please welcome bestselling author A.R. Ivanovich to BookSparks with her novel Lastland, War of Princes thanks to our awesome work with Alloy Entertainment. Based in the Northern capital, Lastland is centered around Katelyn Kestrel and her quest to find solace between the war of princes and broken Kingdom of Lastland.

Cheyanne Young


Cheyanne Young joins BookSparks with her novel Empire Rising (again through Alloy Entertainment), Book 3 of the City of Legends series. After leaving the engineering industry after nearly a decade, Cheyanne has become a powerful young adult writer. In this concluding novel, Maci Knight must overcome the threat that has emerged in King City and bring her family back together in an action-packed conclusion.

Dark Touch


We are excited to welcome Aimee Salter to BookSparks with her second novel Dark Touch (Alloy Entertainment). An Oregon native, Aimee enjoys telling the truth about life with made up stories. In her newest novel she does just that: Tully is never alone in her skin. Whenever someone touches her they feel everything she does, leaving Tully with the painstaking decision to remain alone or sacrifice her fears for the passion of first love.

Blaise Lucey


Blaise Lucey joins BookSparks with his debut novel Blest (Alloy Entertainment). An award-winning author and New York-based digital marketer, Blaise has created a new world in Blest where angels and demons are forced to live among humans. Supernaturals Jim and Claire must face heartache, sacrifice and forbidden love to truly be together.




A huge BookSparks welcome to all these amazing Sparks!



Steena Holmes

We are so excited to welcome back best-selling author (Finding Emma, Emma’s Secret, The Memory Child, Stillwater Rising and The Word Game) Steena Holmes with her newest novel Saving Abby (Lake Union Publishing, 2016). With a New York Times and USA Today bestseller under her belt, Steena has harnessed her natural ability to write stories that touch every parent’s heart. Welcome back, Steena – we are truly excited for Saving Abby to be part of our BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge this year.




Happy Pub Day to these New Reads!


March 1, 2016: Somewhere Out There by Amy Hatvany 

March 8, 2016: Remnants: Season of Glory by Lisa T Bergren

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