Welcome back to Karma Brown! We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with you again. In This Moment is bound to be a summer read we all take to the beach.

We are beyond ready for another Colleen Oakes fix! For years now, we’ve been able to look forward to a fairytale-filled summer with Oakes’ mesmerizing retellings. And 2017 is no different. It’s almost time for Volume 3 in the Wendy Darling series.

Meg Mitchell Moore is at it again and we are so happy to be by her side for this summer’s release. The Captain’s Daughter, described as being “filled with humor, insight, summer cocktails, and gorgeous sunsets” has us begging for beach weather!

A warm welcome to Lori K. Mihalich-Levin who is joining the BookSparks family this spring. Her book that explores the mindful return to work after having a baby, aptly titled Back to Work After Baby, is both timely and poignant.

Our skin is absolutely tingling as we wait for Michele Campbell’s summer book, It’s Always the Husband. This suspense-filled thriller gives us some Gone Girl/The Girl On The Train feels and we just want to kick our feet up by the pool and dive in.

Heart-breaking family drama. Hard lessons in love. A father and daughter finding what they are looking for in an unlikely place. We’re in! Welcome to BookSparks, Jenna Patrick. We’re so looking forward to The Rules of Half.

We would like to offer another welcoming round of applause to a She Write Press author. Catherine Marshall-Smith is