This year has been the worst (and we mean the worst) for Americans experiencing election burnout and depression. We couldn’t be more thrilled the presidential outcome will be decided soon and we can all move on, but in the meantime, you may as well go on a distracting adventure. Here are seven lighthearted books that will touch your heart, warm your soul and take you on a much better adventure than heading down the political-mudslinging-rabbit hole.    

hindsightHindsight by Mindy Tarquini

Do you ever wish you were born in a different era so you didn’t have to deal with this election? Us too, so we live vicariously through Eugenia Panisporchi, an Italian-American girl living in Philadelphia who just so happens to remember her past lives. The mesmerizing, hilarious and emotionally tender tale on the importance of living life to the fullest will leave readers brimming with a new gratitude for life.

london-belongs-to-meLondon Belongs to Me by Jacquelyn Middleton

Have you considered moving to a different country if a certain candidate wins the election? This darling tale on getting started in a magical new city will induce a wave of wanderlust. When Floridian native Alex Sinclair abandons heartbreak and starts over in streets of London, she is thrilled for her new life – that is, until an affluent rival tries to destroy it all. A lovely novel which explores whether the grass is truly greener on the other side, London Belongs to Me is required reading for election season escapists. 

magic-fluteMagic Flute by Patricia Minger

When the election blues become too much, get lost in another tune – a novel about the importance of passions and the relentless strength of the human spirit. Magic Flute explores the life of a brilliant flutist who is about to reach international fame but falls short of success when an accident changes her fate forever. This marvelous prose on the world of opera and the power of the arts will echo through the imagination of readers for years to come.  

size-mattersSize Matters by Cathryn Novak

When affluent – in both wealth and pounds – John Frederick hires a new personal chef (a frequently vacant position given his character), it isn’t long before an unforeseen relationship blooms. When a medical emergency jeopardizes it all, readers embark on a fervent page-turning journey to the hearty conclusion. Easily one of our favorite picks for the season!

unexpected-loveUnexpected Love by Kristy Kryszczak

We cry and eat ice cream many nights asking the TV gods why Sex and the City ever ended. Well, meet your new favorite book: Unexpected Love. Beauty writer Inez Champlain aspires to be Carrie Bradshaw and has the Manhattan dream life on lock – that is, until she meets Jason, falls for him but then falls even harder for his brother. Easily the best fictional love triangle since the whole Big-Carrie-Aiden drama, SATC lovers will devour this novel.

hostile-takeoverHostile Takeover by Phyllis Piano

Craving an extra infuriating love story to distract you from November? Attorney Molly Parr’s worst nightmares collide when her husband dies, a long-lost love reemerges and he tries to takeover her corporation – like we said, nightmare. Molly’s heart and head go into a battle that every reader will furiously consume until the impassioned, tender and startling conclusion.

in-the-heart-of-texasIn the Heart of Texas by Ginger McKnight-Chavers

When forty-something soap opera star Jo Randolph ignites a PR nightmare in Hollywood, her agent quickly sends her to her hometown in Texas to cool off. Forced to connect with the place – and people – she vowed to never return to, Jo embarks on a journey of finding herself in her roots and discovers life outside of fame is more complex than Tinseltown. For readers who would rather spend their Fall reflecting on how to find themselves  than the outcome of the election, this is your book.