We are so thrilled to chat with Stephanie Elliot, author of Sad PerfectHere, Stephanie shares a few facts about herself and gives us a sneak peak into her workspace!

What is your favorite scene in your book-

I absolutely love my opening chapters which were originally just supposed to be a vignette about how my daughter met an actual boy she started dating. I didn’t specially set out to write a novel.

 most challenging chapter to write

Probably the chapter(s) when the main character was dealing with the ‘monster’ in her head, telling her what to do, what to think, and how to feel.

What’s on your nightstand-

My phone, a stack of books, lip balm, hand lotion.

what is your writing process

Procrastinate, and then write. Except for when it came to Sad Perfect. I wrote that sucker in three months. It erupted out of me like lava. Actually though, I need to be hooked up to something good on Pandora and usually will go back through the chapter I wrote the day before to remind me where I was at, and then I will go from there. A good day is 1,500-2,000 words a session.

Hands down my daughter McKaelen. Sad Perfect would not exist if it were not for what McKaelen had gone through with her eating disorder ARFID and her journey through recovery.

 What book inspires you most? Tell us below!

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