This week, we are so excited to chat with Michelle Cox. Her new novel, A Ring Of Truth, is out now!

So many!  Is that wrong to say?  Probably.

I guess my favorite scene would have to be the engagement party scene because there are so many people there that Henrietta and Clive have to deal with from so many different parts of their lives.  I wanted to mimic the swirling of the dances with Clive and Henrietta having to swirl through so many people – many of them new characters, despite it being almost at the end of the book! – which I thought was a unique twist.  There’s lots of different emotions swirling through it, too, including some funny bits – at least I hope some people find them funny!

A close second, however, is the scene where Clive takes Henrietta back to his apartment…!

The most challenging character to write in A Ring of Truth was probably the character of Ma, Henrietta’s mother. She’s difficult to write because she’s a very complex person who has a lot of history, some of which the reader is not yet aware of and which continues to evolve over the course of the series. There’s a part of her that is depressed, apathetic and actually kind of mean, but she’s also a very broken woman who has experienced a lot of tragedy. So it’s challenging to write a character that the reader is supposed to sort of hate but feel sorry for at the same time and make that duality convincing.

I basically have three “piles” on my nightstand: A stack of She Writes books; a stack of contemporary titles, mostly mystery/historical fiction/romantic suspense; and a stack my 5th grade daughter has read and begged me to read, too. Hard to pass on that one!

As soon as my kids get on the bus at 6:50 am, I begin writing. I work on whatever manuscript I’m in the middle of (currently Book 4 of the series!) for an hour (sometimes a little bit more if I’m in a groove), then I work on writing my blog or an article for 45 minutes, “marketing” for 45 minutes, tweeting for 45 minutes and then I work on my inbox for an hour. I do this 5 days a week, though sometimes I sneak some early morning time on the weekends to work on the manuscript. I’ve very scheduled, or I try to be anyway.

Telling more of Henrietta and Clive’s story! Once I created them in A Girl Like You, they became very real for me. I couldn’t wait to get down on paper what happened to them next, to see how they and their story developed, as well as all of the characters that surround them. It was fun to watch it unfold.

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