This week, we are so excited to hear more from Micayla Lally. Her new book A Work of Art is out now!

My fave is the reconciliation scene. It’s fun and then poignant and full of uncertainty. It feels real to me.

Samson! Who knows what or how men think or speak? My husband helped a little with suggestions about what a man might say or how he would say it.

27 books, 1 soap and a flowercrown in decline. The books include Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, plus the Magic series by Stacia Kane, and a bunch of awesome-looking books I picked up at the library sale.

Please just give me five minutes to get something down (I often write very short notes while I’m at work) . This turns into a couple of hours when the kids are in bed and my husband gives up on us watching a show together. I do my best writing at night and my best yet is when I got up at 2am last year because I couldnt stop thinking about my characters. I wrote 4k words that time.

Maren Bradley Anderson inspired me enormously to finish this book. She’s a local author, college professor, wife and mother. Her story is that she did NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) when she was also hosting Thanksgiving and had a stomach bug whilst still working and parenting. At the time, I only had one of those and it wasn’t the stomach bug, so it was time for my excuses to be done.

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