This week, we are so excited to hear more from Lori Mihalich-Levin. Her new book Back to Work After Baby is out now!

I’m partial to the poem called “Oh the Places You’ll Pump,” as it cracks me up every time!

(or section?)

The letter to myself about being enough. I am a firm and ardent believer in working mothers feeling like they are enough – both at work and at home – and yet it’s a concept I still struggle with myself.

Arianna Huffington’s book on sleep.  A photo blanket from my husband and kiddos.

Given the lawyer job, the Mindful Return job, and the mom job, my writing process is all about small spurts! I write down a topic on an index card that I’d like to explore the next time I sit down to write. Then I let my brain do the “back burner” thinking on that topic. I then carve out an uninterrupted hour or so to write about that topic.

Both the Mindful Return community of other working moms and my own family. The other moms ask such great questions all the time, and my husband and little boys always give me reason to think through new working mom dilemmas!

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