We are so thrilled to chat with Leora Krygier, author of Keep Her: A NovelHere, Leora shares a few facts about herself and gives us a sneak peak into her workspace!

What is your favorite scene in your book-

Water, and the lack of water, are one of the important themes of the novel. One of my favorite scenes is when Maddie, not a water-friendly person, jumps into her uncle’s pool to swim with Aiden. It is one of the moments of Maddie’s growth and transformation.

 most challenging chapter to write

It was the chapter about the moment the Japanese whaling ship harpoons a whale. It took me a long time to write because it was so emotional for my character, Aiden, and for me, in his shoes. I found myself stopping and crying while writing.

dream vacation

Ever since my husband gave me a book about the gardens of Kyoto, I’ve been wanting to go.

What inspired your writing_

Researching the stories of activists who train and risk their lives to protect their communities, the environment and animals.

what is your writing process

I start with a character and a situation, and usually find myself writing two points of view. Maybe it’s my “inner judge” that tells me that there are always at least two points of view to any situation.

 What book inspires you most? Tell us below!

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