This week, we are so excited to hear more from Leah Chyten. Her new book Light Radiance Splendor is out now!


There were many challenges, much of which was learning what not to include as much as what got included. In a book scanning over a century a lot happens and to give the characters their due without going into too much story was a definite challenge.

On my nightstand is usually a novel, and a pad of paper to catch inspirations that may occur at any time.

The subjects of both my novels, and a third on the way, have all been complete surprises to me. I don’t go looking for them but apparently they come looking for me. My greatest flaw is that I let the story unfold and don’t exactly plot the story ahead of time. This can be both a flaw and an asset. What I hear most often from my readers is how personally and deeply touched they are by the writing.

The book was conceived in a dream where I literally saw the first scene. After that I was inspired as I did research for the book and realized how little I really understood the history of my own ancestral lineage.

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