This week, we are so excited to hear more from Gina Carroll. Her new book A Story That Matters  is out now!

My favorite personal story in my book is about my husband’s illness and the spiritual awakening that it was for both of us.

(or chapter)

The Professional story chapter because there are so many important ways to approach your professional stories, and quite different reasons for writing them. It’s a bit of a departure from the rest of the book.

I have several stacks of books— a fiction stack, a memoir stack and a book editing/trade stack. These stacks never lose height because I am always adding to them. I was in the bookstore yesterday.

I ponder. Then Outline. Research. Rough Draft. Research. Edit. Edit. Edit.

The book was inspired by many of my friends and colleagues who ALL want to write their stories, who feel that they have these compelling experiences to share that are locked inside of them. And I was also inspired by family members who are no longer here, whose stories are largely gone—my grandparents, a part of the great African-American migration and formation of the Black Middle Class in Los Angeles; my mother and father-in-law, who as family physicians were pioneers in their communities in Upstate New York… and on and on. Their stories are largely lost or are only oral histories with gaping holes, and with each passing year represent a growing loss for my family.

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