We are so thrilled to chat with Amy Poeppel, author of Small AdmissionsHere, Amy shares a few facts about herself and reveals 5 authors that inspired her writing!

Where is your fav place to write_

I love to write on my balcony in Frankfurt, Germany.


I always have an ever-growing stack of To-Be-Read books, Labello lip balm, and my laptop.

Copy of What is on your nightstand- (1)

I always have my Moo business cards, Xanax, a NYC Metro card, reading glasses, and my lucky green Lamy pen.

What do you hear form readers-

I have been so pleased that many readers have noted that my book shows that one doesn’t require a new relationship to cure a broken heart. Kate, my main character, finds herself on the mend, thanks to an interesting, challenging professional life and the support of good friends. Several young female readers have said they found it refreshing that Kate’s problems weren’t solved by a new man coming in her life.


1. The Little House series – These books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, which I binge-read over and over again as a child, were the first books that really turned me into a reader.

2. Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, In Praise of the Stepmother, and Captain Pantoja and the Special Service (among others) by Mario Vargas Llosa – I went through a serious binge-reading phase of Mario Vargas Llosa soon after I graduated college, and I was struck by how varied his books are and how beautifully he writes. I have several of his more recent books on my TBR pile.

3. Rameau’s niece by Cathleen Schine – This was one I also read soon after college, and it almost made me decide to get my PhD in Literature. I loved the descriptions of Margaret’s scholarly life. Marketed as “a screwball comedy of ideas” it was a book that showed me how situations can be infused with humor through truly clever writing.

4. Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins – His use of language to describe anything at all is absurdly good, and who else can successfully bring inanimate objects into a story as key characters? I don’t know how he does it, but he writes the most hilarious dialogue and metaphors of any writer I know.

5. Beloved by Toni Morrison – A complete departure from all of the above, there is no book I know of that communicates pain as well as this one does.

What book inspires you most? Tell us below!

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