There are great books out there that move you to act, feel and think in a whole new way, and these gorgeous novels do all of those things. From literary treasures to unforgettable historic snapshots, these books will make for a meaningful and delightful gift!


The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell – For fans of classic literature, this charming tale combines the legacy of Bronte and her last remaining relatives as they embark on a scavenger hunt to discover a long-hidden family secret.  

Genre: Literary, Contemporary

We Are Unprepared by Meg Little Reilly – Two Brooklynites relocate to a rustic Vermont town and find themselves in a catastrophic storm that could tear apart their new town – and existence – forever.

Genre: Literary

Magic Flute by Patricia Minger – A tragic accident derails one girl’s flute prodigy dreams and forces her to pursue a singing career instead – but is her heart on a different path?

Genre: Literary

Hindsight: A Novel by Mindy Tarquini – A true contemporary jewel, Hindsight explores the life of Eugenia Panisporchi and her extraordinary ability to remember all her past lives – and her determination to escape it.

Genre: Contemporary Women, Magical Realism

Found: A Novel by Emily Brett – ICU nurse Natalie Ulster embarks on a global adventure when she accepts international assignments, but someone is following her…and they want her dead.

Genre: Contemporary Women, Medical

The House of Bradbury by Nicole Meier – When a desperate failing author buys the house of an iconic writer for inspiration, she unexpectedly enters the most complicated, wildly absurd chapter of her life.

Genre: Domestic Life, Humor

Parting Gifts by Katrina Willis – A highly dysfunctional family desperately tries to find the meaning of love in the face of cancer and frayed bonds.

Genre: Domestic Life, Family Saga

An Address in Amsterdam by Mary Fillmore – Rachel Klein’s life is torn apart when Nazis invade her hometown, her boyfriend mysteriously disappears and she’s forced to seek safety in a dingy basement.

Genre: Historical Fiction

A Girl Like You by Michelle Cox – It’s the 1930s and a young dancer is plunged into Chicago’s dark criminal underworld when she agrees to help a detective solve a homicide case – a detective she happens to fall in love with.

Genre: Historical Fiction

The Memory of Us by Camille di Maio – Protestant dream girl Julianne Westcott has the perfect  life –  that is, until she discovers a long-lost institutionalized brother, falls in love with an Irish Catholic groundskeeper and has her life shattered by war.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Say Goodbye for Now Catherine Ryan Hyde –  A wounded wolf-dog hybrid is brought to Dr. Lucy’s clinic and she finds herself falling in love with the African-American man who brought the animal in…but this forbidden romance has little chance for survival in 1959.

Genre: Historical Fiction

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