Can’t afford to travel the world for your honeymoon? Want to take a trip without the hassle of a ceremony? Find searching for the perfect bookmark to be more enjoyable than dating? Go on a bookie-moon this summer.

This is a round up of our favorite books (past, present and future) that take us to vacation destinations around the world. Take a page-turning trip with these stunning reads.

West Coast

Slipsliding by the Bay by Barbara McDonald

Destination: San Francisco

Lakeside College is in the midst of a massive change and possible closure. The new president faces a faculty looking to unionize, an alumni wanting the school to return to its women-only status, a student body in the midst of protests and the infamous artist Sister Magdalena challenging corporate America. With all this swirling together on one campus what will the new president do?

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Destination: Hollywood

Aged actress Evelyn Hugo is ready to reveal the scandals and trials that have made up her intriguing life. When she chooses Monique, a less-than-impressive reporter with a failing personal life, to tell her story, no one is more surprised than Monique. As they unravel the truth about Evelyn’s life and lost loves, Monique discovers that the connection she feels to Evelyn runs tragically deeper than she could have ever imagined.


Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlop

Destination: France

The City of Lights has its dark spots. Brooke and Sophie are in France for two different reasons, but become fast friends. When they meet a French student named Veronique and her unbelievably seductive cousin Alex they are whipped into a love triangle and lavish frenzy that will keep one of them from ever returning home.

The Vacationers by Emma Straub

Destination: Spain

A family reunion in beautiful Mallorca, what’s not to love? Apparently a lot. What should be a break from tense Manhattan life turns into a deluge of secrets coming to light, humiliations bubbling to the surface and rivalries brewing like never before. You’ll want to BYOT (bring your own tapas) while you down this delicious read from 2015.

The Rocks by Peter Nichols

Destination: Spain

This book is actually about a pair of honeymooners. Torn apart right after their marriage in 1948, the two haven’t spoken in over 60 years because of the secret revealed one fateful day. Part love story, part mystery, this is a trip you’ll want revisit again and again.

East Coast

hello sunshine

Hello Sunshine by Laura Dave

Destination: The Hamptons

Sunshine Mackenzie has the #1 bestselling cookbook, the perfect husband and a culinary career she adores. Then she gets hacked. Secrets have been revealed and her life is boiling over. Now she’s lost everything and is living at home with her estranged sister. But the worst thing that ever happened to her might just turn out to be the best.

The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor

Destination: Florida

Maeve had an extraordinary summer day. She got her first kiss and was bit by a blacktip shark on the same beach trip. Eighteen years later and she’s a marine biologist exploring the misunderstood nature of sharks. But perhaps the most confusing waters exist in her own love life. Should she reignite things with her old flame Daniel or explore her new interest Nicholas?

Eden by Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg

Destination: Rhode Island

Wife, mother and grandmother, Becca is the pillar of her community and matriarch of the family. But her husband’s death reveals that he squandered their fortune before his passing. With a last hurrah to throw and a secret she’s ready to unbury, Becca faces the future and her family with uncertainty and strength.

The Captain’s Daughter by Meg Mitchell Moore

Destination: Maine

Eliza was born to a lobsterman and can handle the seas with the best of them. But she traded in her traps for a suburban country club life with her husband and kids. When her father is injured though, she’s called back to Maine and forced to face the “what ifs” of her life-changing choices.


The Sunshine When She’s Gone by Thea Goodman

Destination: Caribbean

A night of good sleep and a morning without the baby and husband sounds like a sweet little vacation. But when it’s clear that Veronica’s husband has left for more than just breakfast out, the reality of his escape brings the struggle of parenthood into full focus.

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