Happy Friday! For those that are unfamiliar, we are in the midst of “cuffing season,” the time of year when the cold weather leaves us feeling lonely, so we feel the need to “cuff” ourselves to a temporary love interest. Whether you’re guilty of being “cuffed,” or you’re avoiding this season all together, check out our these fabulous media hits and clients we have major heart eyes for!

Several of our fabulous clients were included in PopSugar‘s “11 Reads to Get Your Through Cuffing Season” round up!

Kirkus reviewed Change Maker by Rebecca Austill-Clausen!

Miracle at Midlife by Roni Beth Tower was featured in Westchester magazine!

The Girl Without a Name by Sandra Block, The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle and The Housekeeper by Suellen Dainty were included in Bookstr‘s “Ride Out Winter with These Dark Reads” roundup!

The Times of London wrote a wonderful article about Tamara Lush and the Amtrak Residency program!

Tell us a win this week!

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