Friday Five – Dirty Dancing Edition

Friday is here! Today, we are celebrating one of our fave retro flicks – Dirty Dancing! ABC recently released a promo for the latest Dirty Dancing adaptation, check it out. Then, turn up that classic soundtrack and dance the night away. Nobody puts baby in a corner!

Before we dive in to this week’s Friday Five, we want to take a moment to share our latest BookSparks Binges. Every week we will share a few of our current obsessions that we can’t get enough of:

Song – Let Go by Natasha Bedingfield

Instagram Crush – @the.blonde.bookworm

Movie – Dirty Dancing, of course!

Now, Nobody puts BookSparks in a corner…. here’s this week’s awesome Friday Five:


 Amy Hatvany, author of It Happens All The Time, wrote a moving piece for Harper’s Bazaar on how to talk to your son about sexual consent.

Sandra Block’s The Secret Room was highlighted in Women Writers, Women[‘s] Books.

Kirkus Reviews called Michelle Cox‘s new novel, A Ring of Truth, “An engaging and effective romp rich with historical details.”

MindBodyGreen shared an essay from Jill Kandel, which was originally published in The Magic of Memoir by Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers.

Catherine Lowell contributed a piece to Book Riot, titled “7 Things You Never Knew about the Brontës.” She also wrote a piece for Bookish, titled “Three Cheers for Anne Brontë: Why the Youngest Brontë Sister is My Favorite.” Her book, The Madwoman Upstairs, is available now!



Our annual Summer Reading Challenge is kicking off on MONDAY, May 1. Our lineup is already making some big waves, check it out!

The Week featured three of our #SRC2017 books: Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang, Woman No. 17 by Edan Lepucki and Into The Water by Paula Hawkins, in their piece, “28 Books To Read in 2017.

Read an excerpt from another SRC pick, It’s Always The Husband by Michele Campbell, in Entertainment Weekly!

Redbook featured several of our #SRC2017 books in “20 Must-Read Books for Spring 2017.

Bustle featured one of our SRC books, Woman No. 17 by Edan Lepucki, in their spring round-up. It also features BookSparks clients Michelle Cox (A Ring of Truth), Jackie Townsend (The Absence of Evelyn), Jane Healey (The Saturday Evening Girls Club) AND Sueellen Dainty (The Housekeeper). 

YourTango featured A Work of Art author Micayla Lally in “My Husband And I Have Been Married Three Times.”

What an incredible week for BookSparks authors! 

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