Head back to school with the BookSparks University Fall Reading Challenge for Sophomore Year! Hurry – the fun starts September 1, 2015.

Welcome back to the the easiest – and most fun! – university you’ll ever enroll in. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! It’s free … and fun … and all the best books are here!

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Who can enroll in BookSparks University?

Forget writing a stodgy admissions essay, BookSparks University welcomes everyone to participate in our Fall Reading Challenge 2015. Here’s how you can get enrolled!

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Big_Law_Final (1)Big Law by Lindsay Cameron

Course Title: Law & Ethics

Department: Chick-Lit

Course Date: September 1

Description: Brush off your best blazer and take a look at the inside world of cutthroat big New York law firms with Biglaw by Lindsay Cameron.



Crooked Little Lies_300dpi

Crooked Little Lies by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Course Title: Manipulation Sciences

Department: Suspense

Course Date: September 7

Description: Seeing is not always believing. Unravel the mysteries behind Crooked Little Lies by Barbara Taylor Sissel with this deep dive into the deceptions lurking within your own memories.


Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz

Shattered Blue by Lauren Horowitz

Course Title: Supernatural Studies Extra Credit Opportunity*

Department: Science Fiction

Course Date: September 14

Description: Examine the chemistry that sparks a romance that is truly out of this world.



Uncovered by Leah Lax

Uncovered by Leah Lax

Course Title: LGBT Studies / Cultural Studies

Department: Memoir

Course Date: September 14

Description: Raise your social awareness and follow author Leah Lax on a journey through Hasidic Judaism and ultimately to personal freedom and acceptance.



YEAR OF NECESSARY LIES finalThe Year of Necessary Lies by Kris Radish

Course Title: Feminist Studies

Department: Historical Fiction

Course Date: September 21

Description: What do you get when you combine feminist studies with trade and commerce ethics? Follow the journey of a beautiful Boston socialite who’s ushered into the early 20th century by a group of brazen female activists in The Year of Necessary Lies.


LEGACY OF US.SELECTThe Legacy of Us by Kristin Contino

Course Title: Ancestry 101

Department: Women’s Fiction

Course Date: September 28

Description: Track one woman’s journey through the generations and learn to identify key heirlooms and clues in tracing your lineage with The Legacy of Us taught by Kristin Contino.



61LB8dLSZRL._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_The Admissions by Meg Mitchell Moore

Course Title: Sociology 101

Department: Women’s Fiction

Course Date: October 5

Description: Put today’s modern “has-it-all” family under the microscope in this revealing course by Meg Mitchell Moore.



sleepingwiththenemySleeping with the Enemy by Tracy Solheim

Course Title: Scandal Studies 101

Department: Romance

Course Date: October 12

Description: Study heartbreak, jealousy, attraction and grudge-holding during this juicy course by Tracy Solheim.



The Good Neighbor_300dpi copyThe Good Neighbor by AJ Banner

Course Title: Bad Behavioral Studies

Department: Suspense

Course Date: October 19

Description: Examine community and neighbor relations under a microscope in this mysterious course from AJ Banner.



spark_maharishiville_finalfeb20 2Rooville by Julie Long

Course Title: Intro to Meditation

Department: Fiction

Course Date: October 26

Description: Find your zen and travel to rural Iowa to experience a town in the midst of guru-led revival.




9781631529856_Perfect_358.inddBeautiful Affliction by Lene Fogelberg

Course Title: Anatomy & Physiology

Department: Memoir

Course Date: November 2

Description: Take an honest look at growing up on the verge of death by following the life of Lene Fogelberg, a double open-heart surgery survivor.



Sherman Book CoverJust the Facts by Ellen Sherman

Course Title: Journalism 101

Department: Fiction

Course Date: November 9

Description: A must-take for all BookSparks University students, this course is a coming-of-age story about a woman finding her way in the world for the first time. The perfect prep for graduation!


The Black Velvet Coat by Jill G. Hall

The Black Velvet Coat by Jill G. Hall

Course Title: Exploratory Studies

Department: Women’s Fiction

Course Date: November 16

Description: Travel across the country and through time with The Black Velvet Coat and discover the commonalities in two women’s lives.



51jshzDV45L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain

Course Title: Intro to Social Work

Department: Women’s Fiction

Course Date: November 23

Description: Learn how to mediate adoption plans, family strife and birth parent relationships in this course from Diane Chamberlain.



island of worthy boysThe Island of Worthy Boys by Connie Mayo

Course Title: On the Run 101 (online course; ebook only)

Department: Historical Fiction

Course Date: November 30

Description: Study how to cover your tracks and create new identities with this thrilling course from Connie Hertzberg Mayo.



51FCxZyGkBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Word Game by Steena Holmes

Course Title: Advanced Trauma & Recovery

Department: Women’s Fiction

Course Date: December 7

Description: Go inside the complicated world of sisterly relations, family secrets and unthinkable acts with this course by Steena Holmes. Past students are still talking about it!



51CZBXIZhML._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Put a Ring On It by Beth Kendrick

Course Title: Commitment Crash Course
Department: Chick-lit

Course Date: December 14

Description: Before jumping into your next relationship, take this course and study up on quickie marriages, one night stands (or not!) and marital law.



Postcards from the SkyPostcards from the Sky by Erin Siedmann

Course Title: Integrated Aviation

Department: Memoir

Course Date: December 21

Description: Take Postcards from the Sky for a frank look at the prejudices that live strong in aviation and one woman’s journey to follow her dream, no matter the obstacles.



51MCJ8kKppL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_All in Her Head: A Novel by Sunny Mera

Course Title: Psychology of Sexuality

Department: Women’s Fiction

Course Date: December 28

Description: Dive into the female psyche and explore several rarely understood psychological phenomena with this intimate portrait of a woman’s struggles to hold on to reality.