BookSparks Dinner Party Series: Rosé All Day


The best dinner parties share three things: good friends, great food and the feeling of never wanting it to end… oh, and a good book to discuss at the table!

In honor of this fall’s most anticipated book, The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle, BookSparks is inviting readers to experience some major #JOMO (joy of missing out) by grabbing your friends and staying home with the ultimate at-home pleasure: a book party. After all, is there anything better than inviting over your gal-pals for an afternoon of fun, food and book talk?

Our Rosé All Day party will have your guests tickled pink and overcome with cuteness. This party vibe takes the best shades of pink and applies them to the most adorable decorations. What makes this theme so deliciously amazing? It’s setting and decor flexibility. We’ve included some tips and resources to help you get started in hosting this party.

Princess Paper Crowns

Cocktail Napkins

Sparkly Table Runner

Rosé Gummy Party Favors

String Lights

Paper Straws

Floral Accents

Rose Gold Bluetooth Speaker

Rosé (duh!)

In case you missed it, we LOVE Nosh with Tash creator and star Natasha Feldman. We’ve hand-selected three of her easy & delicious recipes that’ll have your dinner party guests convinced you’re a part-time FoodTuber!

Overly Dilled Tzatziki with Crudités

Slightly Sophisticated Italian Soda

Chocolate Chip Sprinkle Party

Rosé All Day Party Invitations

Dinner List Inspired Discussion Questions

Rosé All Day Inspiration Board