A Drink and a Book

Hey there #BookSparksBookClub members! This week, we have a special treat for all of your book club gatherings – three 1960s cocktails, inspired by characters in Cruel Beautiful World!


Lucy is free spirited, self-conscious, and reckless. She’s also a beautiful girl who is a very hopeless romantic. Our Lucy-inspired cocktail is the Pink Lady, a fruity, airy concoction made with sweet grenadine and fizzy gin.


Charlotte is smart, demure, and studious. She’s also described as very protective of her younger sister Lucy and as the responsible, rational one. We think that Charlotte’s responsible, studious ways mirror the simple, no-nonsense ingredients of the classic Tom Collins cocktail.


Iris is Lucy and Charlotte’s caretaker, and she’s known for being their strong, stable, and reliable surrogate mother. Her independent nature pairs perfectly with the straightforward, standard Gin Fizz.
1960s cocktails
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