Weddings are a joyous occasion for all, but there is some need for distraction when two families unite. Include a great summer book in the bridal party gift bags!

a game of ghosts

Father of the Bride – A Game of Ghosts by John Connolly

Dad is going to need something to distract him from the heartbreak of losing his little girl. Fix him up with this fast-paced, action-packed thriller. He’ll be so busy with this Charlie Parker novel, he won’t have time to try to pay the groom to walk away.

the leavers

Mother of the Bride – The Leavers by Lisa Ko

A story all about mothers and the heart-wrenching decisions they make, this book will keep your mom from agonizing over every tiny detail. This story of Chinese immigrants, set in New York and China, will have the MOB buried in beautiful prose rather than riding the wedding coordinator.

Father of the Groom –  Alphonse by Carl Sever

Often the father of the groom stays out of the spotlight, but offers a strong, silent backbone for the whole event. Alphonse is much like that. He’s spent 20 years riding the rails and unexpectedly joins a small family in 1950s-era Indiana as their protector and companion, watching over the family even when a sinister priest comes into their lives.

Mother of the Groom – The Bad Dream Notebook by Linda Dahl

For some mothers, marrying off their sons can feel like a bad dream. Instead of listening to her worry about when grandchildren will be coming and how “his girlfriend in high school was such a sweet girl,” let her get lost in this dark and tragic novel about love, loss, addiction and secrets.

Best Man – The Forbidden Temptation of Baseball by Dori Yang

Is the best man of your wedding a total sports guy? Mix a little baseball and culture with this artful portrayal of loyalty and assimilation. Attempting to remain connected with his Chinese culture while falling for the American way, Leon must face tough decisions regarding his home country and the temptation of baseball.

Maid of Honor – Venetian Blood by Christine Volker

If your Maid of Honor seems like she’s stressing a bit about making sure the bride’s day goes perfectly, give her a break with Venetian Blood. This heart-pounding thriller takes readers to the sensual city of Venice where Anna has gone to escape her crumbling marriage. Instead, she finds herself accused of murder. Much like your MOH on the phone with the caterer, Anna will stop at nothing to vanquish her enemies.

Bridesmaid – Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

Have your bridesmaids been butting heads? Hand them each a copy of this twisted psychological thriller. When two sisters go missing and one returns with a story difficult to believe, the hunt for the truth is on. Your bridesmaids will be so wrapped up in the unreliable narrator’s web, they won’t have time to give each other the side eye.

Groomsmen – Proof by C.E. Tobisman

Trying to keep your hubby-to-be’s band of frat boys from raiding the open bar too early? Get them hooked on Proof, the sequel to Doubt, an unshakeable legal thriller that keeps you on your toes. Still reeling from her last case, Caroline finds herself thrust into another mystery that has tied up her grandmother’s estate in a sinister nonprofit.

Junior Bridesmaid – The Lake Effect by Erin McCahan

Give your starry-eyed young bridesmaid a romance of her own to fall for. Erin McCahan is at it again with her latest YA must-read, The Lake Effect. Any teenager will turn to mush over Briggs and his summer at Lake Michigan.

Flower Girl – Multiple Mayhem by Elise Allen

Even the youngest in your party can take a book break. The third installment of the Gabby Duran series follows the intergalactic babysitter on her most impossible mission yet. She’ll have to sit the “unsittable” Tridecalleon child, One. She’ll need her friends to help her pull this one off.

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