Who doesn’t love a good wedding movie? Tenderness. Pain. Drama. Delight. Family members trying to survive one another. And, if you’re lucky, Julia Roberts in the lead role.

Wedding movies seem to have it all, but you don’t get nearly enough stories based around a matrimony.

However, a lot of the themes we love in wedding movies pop up in the summer’s best reads. Whether you want to watch a character sort out a troubled past or see two unlikely couples fall head over heels, we have a slew of stories you’re going to want to put a ring on.

Sweet Home Alabama/Among the Survivors by Ann Z. Leventhal – Your past says a lot about your future. For Melanie in Sweet Home Alabama, marrying New York’s most eligible bachelor should be a dream come true, but the secrets of her past threaten everything. In Among the Survivors, Karla is also marrying a dream man, but her mother’s dark past and seemingly unforgivable deception have her questioning the story of her own existence.

Father of the Bride/Lying to Children by Alex Shahla – It isn’t easy being dad. Whether you’re Steve Martin walking your baby down the aisle, or Alex Shahla’s fictional dad sending his daughter off to college, there’s nothing easy about the job. Funny, smart and heartwarming, both Father of the Bride and Lying to Children will give you all the fatherly feels.

Runaway Bride/Love Reconsidered by Phyllis Piano – You don’t always marry the right person the first time. For Maggie Carpenter in Runaway Bride, marriage was a sport. Her less-than-perfect home life and a lack of self-awareness drove her down the aisle again and again. In Love Reconsidered, tragedy shrouds the end of Aleen’s marriage, but in the midst of grief, love, forgiveness and hope come together to open the door to a new future.

Wedding Crashers/Worth the Wait by Lori Foster – Love always seems to find us when we least expect it. For two forever-bachelors on the prowl in Wedding Crashers, a quirky set of Senator’s daughters were not who they meant to fall in love with. In Worth the Wait, a pair of arguing co-workers get close and a sheriff falls for an alluring neighbor. If you love stories where love creeps up in surprising settings, carry Worth the Wait across the threshold!

Stepmom/American Family by Catherine Marshall Smith – Though this may not feel like a wedding movie, per se, Stepmom occurs at the intersection of a marriage ending and a new one beginning. In the middle of this heartbreaking and heartwarming story are children, cast about by the decisions of adults. American Family gives that same feeling. Richard and Michael are just settling into their relationship when Richard reaches out to his estranged 10-year-old daughter. With one phone call he jeopardizes his relationship, the child’s happiness and the lives of the people caring for her. This book may not be all about wedding bells and fluffy dresses, but it does show us the immense power of love and the things it does to us for better or worse.

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