We all have a warrior within us. And if you’re looking to ignite yours, sometimes you just need the right read to bring it to life. Soldier on with these soul-feeding Fall books.

Thrill-Seeking Warrior: Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

Is it nature or nurture that decides whether we’ll turn out good or bad? Milly loves her mother, but her mother is a serial killer. The only way to stop her was to turn her in. Now, as she awaits her mother’s trial, Milly starts experiencing the strong pull of her mother’s nature in her new, shiny life. Can Milly resist the urges or is she destined to turn out exactly like her mother?

Feminist Warrior: Women Within by Anne Leigh Parrish

This generational story of three different women at three different stages of life will have you feeling warm, powerful, and deeply touched. Anne Leigh Parrish is a profound artist whose ability to demonstrate female warriors in their softest and strongest moments will have you lapping up every page.

Historical Warrior: A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere by Kris Radish

Briar has survived what would seem like the worst experiences possible: a horrific childhood, starvation, and the unforgiving western frontier. But when her husband is kidnapped by gold miners, and with him, their happy quiet life, Briar must take up arms and unlikely partners to get him back. This 1860’s-set western featuring a fearsome female lead will be one warrior read you’re unlikely to forget.

Friendship Warrior: The Other New Girl by LB Gschwandtner

When Susannah enters Quaker Prep Foxhall School, she is faced with, all at once, the rigid and righteous teachings of her faith, the alluring attention of a popular group of girls that pulls her in the other direction, and a friendship with the socially inept “other new girl.” When her friend disappears and Susannah becomes trapped between what she feels is right and what the dean is demanding, secrets and loyalty collide. Should she protect her friend’s secret or obey the dean of her school?

Forgiveness Warrior: Perfectly Undone by Jamie Raintree

Dr. Dylan Michels has made every effort to form the perfect life. So when her boyfriend pops the question, why can’t she say yes? Held back by her sister’s death, and her role in it, and caught off guard by her would-be fiancé’s own confession, Dylan must face secrets, guilt, and the struggle to be happy and find perfection in the flawed details of her life.

LGBTQ Warrior: Swearing Off Stars by Danielle Wong

Lia is feeling freedom, perhaps for the first time, as one of the first women studying abroad at Oxford University. When she meets a young actress named Scarlett, she falls hard. Their relationship swirls with the changing political tides and gender equality. Their love doesn’t survive the change, but years later they reconnect. Can Lia’s love for Scarlett transcend the time and distance that has been placed between them?

Mythological Warrior: Ocean’s Fire: Book One of the Equal Night Trilogy by Stacey Tucker

When the Greeks introduced their male gods to the world, the power of women dwindled. Now, an ancient book has surfaced and the contents within the pages promise to unbury the truth. Skylar Southmartin is living what seems to be an ordinary life. As she tries to complete her veterinary degree, cope with her mother’s untimely death, and balance her love life, a power within her grows.

Magical Warrior: The Infinite Now by Mindy Tarquini

Fiora, the powerful daughter of a fortune teller, has narrowly escaped an epidemic in Philadelphia, so to avoid further loss, she traps her town in a time bubble. Time doesn’t move forward, it just loops in unmoving repetition. But Fiora knows she cannot catch her dreams without collapsing the bubble and letting the future unfold.

Travel Warrior: London, Can You Wait? by Jacquelyn Middleton

When Alex moved to London last year, her life reset and is verging on perfect. Her career is flourishing and her romantic life couldn’t be better. But when her actor boyfriend gets catapulted into mega-stardom, their sturdy ground becomes rocky and secrets, love, and loss collide in the city she thought was her salvation.