7 Ways to Sneak In Reading Around the Holiday Mayhem (1)

We know how it goes. The halls need decking. Cookies need baking. Bells need jingling. So much to do and so little time. And with all that decking, baking and jingling, where is the time for reading? But sometimes, curling up with a good book is just the remedy for holiday stress. Bonus points if you’ve got a gingerbread cookie in your hand!

Does Frosty Demand Another Viewing?

The kids may be begging for another screening of their favorite Christmas classic, but do you really need to watch it? While the kids delight over Rudolph you can sneak in a couple of chapters. (Have one of those can’t-put-it-down thrillers like Girl on the Train? Grab seven classic holiday kids’ movies for less than $20 right now and buy yourself a few extra chapters!)

Live the Online Shopping Life

Holiday shopping is a necessary evil, but with all-things-Amazon and free shipping on most sites, we can’t think of a single reason you’d venture out for the stores. Unless they’re giving away free wine, in which case, we’ll take a red, please! Go digital with your holiday shopping list and score HOURS of extra reading time. Just grab your book, your tablet (to place those orders) and head to your favorite indie bookstore. Your family will think you’re scouring the mall for their perfect gift while you’re enjoying your latest read.

Slow Cooker Time Saver

Is your family all about the soupy, savory holiday comfort food classics that keep you hidden away in the kitchen for hours? Providing your loved ones with delightful, seasonal meals doesn’t have to chip away at your day. Find a 5-star substitute recipe you can cook in a slow cooker. While your roast simmers, your imagination can sizzle with a new novel.

Switch to Audio

Maybe you’ve trimmed down your merry traditions as much as you could and there still just isn’t a moment to spare for books. Instead of cracking the spine on a new read, try an audio book. You can “read” while you wrap gifts, decorate, create a wacky Elf on the Shelf placement that delights the kids for two minutes but takes you two hours to clean up…you know, those wonderful holiday traditions.


There’s nothing wrong with starting a new tradition! Instead of working around everyone else’s jolly requests, bring your family into the fold. Arm everyone with a holiday story they can enjoy fireplace-adjacent. You may find that next year, you’re not the only one who is looking forward to cocoa and a book.

Dash Away Family

There’s nothing wrong with requesting a little merry “me” time. If you’ve been hosting your family or running the office Secret Santa pool, it’s okay to ask one of your little helpers to take over so you can enjoy a few quiet moments with a memoir. Have your spouse take the kids on a Christmas light tour of the neighborhood or see if the grandparents can spring for a holiday movie. Everyone will still have fun and you’ll get the moments you so deserve.

Snowed In, Sorry

We don’t want to out and out condone lying to your friends, employer or the PTA, but since you are technically the one creating Santa’s naughty list, give yourself a pass. Skip a school function, dip out early on the office party or decide that one more ugly sweater party is just one too many. It’s okay to be mentally snowed in for the day and cancel plans to pick up a book and enjoy some downtime.

Remember, happy readers make the world go ’round!

Just because the season is in full swing doesn’t mean you have to let your new book collect dust. What is your plan for sneaking in some reading time during the holidays?

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