Social media can be a scary world, but these authors are proving it doesn’t have to be. Not only do they write inspiring stories, they also share writing inspiration for all book lovers and authors each and every day! Here’s why we love these warriors so much:

Glennon Doyle

If her memoir Love Warrior wasn’t enough to leave you feeling inspired beyond belief, Glennon shares heartening posts with her 688,769 Facebook fans each day. Whether there’s a challenge you need to face or you just need a good dose of female empowerment, Glennon has the right thing to say that will leave you feeling ready to face the world like the warrior you are.

Brooke Warner

With nearly 6,000 followers on Twitter, Brooke is truly a warrior in the publishing industry. Every day she shares writing tips and publishing advice that can help bring your book to life whether you’re an aspiring writer or you just need help getting through your next book.

Vivien Reis

Vivien Reis is a writer who shares tips with her YouTube subscribers . Need help improving your author brand? Vivien can help with that! Or do you want to write better dialogue? There’s a video for that too! And with 30,000 YouTube subscribers in a year – we’d say she’s well on her way to becoming a go-to writing guru.

Kendare Blake

Kendare Blake does a great job at promoting her upcoming release to her 12.4 thousand followers on Twitter. But she does an even better job at supporting other women authors. From pub days to author events, we love seeing this warrior empower other females in the industry!

Kristen Kieffer

Have you hit a bout of writers block? Looking for a little inspiration for your next story? Kristen Kieffer of has created pinboards on Pinterest that can solve any writing problem. Her mission? Helping “aspiring authors write sensational novels because obliterating expectations is my jam.” That’s a mission we can definitely get behind!

Dani Shapiro

Memoir maven and bestseller, Dani Shapiro has an avid social media following, but it’s what she gives back to her community that makes her unique. During Dani’s Office Hours she answers questions and shares her thoughts. And she does so using video. This is a great example of the value of exploring other mediums. She could write blog posts, but these videos are so intimate and personal… just like her books!

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