4 Reasons Instagram is Your Next Favorite #Bookclub

No one doubts the awesome power of O, but lately a new trend in social media has begun to rival the Queen of all Media according to Vogue (If you haven’t read it already, check it out here). The claim is that Instagram may be better than Oprah’s Book Club, and we couldn’t agree more!

You may already be using it every day, but odds are you haven’t turned it into the book wonderland it has the potential to be. Instagram, in addition to being the top photo-based social network in the world, has emerged as a booklovers paradise. Top reviewers like @BookBaristas and @Ursula_Uriarte are using the power of the “perfect shot” combined with brief book reviews to introduce new reads to tens of thousands of book worms. Instead of waiting for the-TV-host-we-love-the-most to announce her favorites, readers are checking their feeds for the latest and greatest releases. Bonus – instant gratification!

After working with “Insta-famous” book bloggers and celebrities on book picks, we’ve rounded up a few reasons to give Instagram a try as your go-to reading resource. Gorgeous pictures, the latest releases and reviews and the ability to instantly join the conversation … we love it! Here’s why:

You Can’t Hate the View

If for no other reason, finding bookish Instagram accounts you enjoy will fill your feed with enough #shelfies to brighten any day. Whether you follow your favorite blogger or occasionally search the #bookstagram hashtag, you can get in touch with the pure aesthetic joy of a beautifully photographed book. These bloggers know how to take a gorgeous picture and we love seeing how they style the latest book covers.

Maybe you get inspired to buy. Maybe you add a potential read to your wishlist.

Either way, you can’t deny that this:


…beats this:



… any day of the week.


Get Choosey

Though Oprah has some almighty powers anticipating your taste in books may not be one of them. What if you love YA? Or go nuts for fantasy romance? Oprah is a classy gal and she doesn’t always dig into the far-reaching genres you may be interested in.

Use Instagram to find new books that match your tastes. The easiest way you can do this is by finding a hashtag that is right on target with your preferences. For teens (and the young at heart) #yalit can bring you a flood of fantastic young reads. If you’re a teacher #childrensbooks could be a great place to unearth new treasures.

You can comb hundreds of hashtags any time of day and have new and exciting book results pouring in.

You can also find reading idols to follow. For many, @ReeseWitherspoon has become a book queen in her own right, recommending some of summer 2015’s hottest titles. It has even ignited an #RWBookClub hashtag that will keep your shelves full all year round.

 Short and Sweet

In today’s digital age, lengthy reviews and in-depth plot summaries do not have to be the way you digest book recommendations.

Instagram’s format, while not as limiting as Twitter, demands text be kept to a minimum. If you want to breeze through a bunch of titles fast, check out how Instagrammers are reviewing books:


This review is under 100 words and totally conveys the popular reviewer’s feelings about this particular title while also making it clear that it’s a part of a series in the photo.

celinereads book review ➳ I finished City of Fallen Angels in less than 24 hours because that’s how much I loved it. It is my least favorite of Cassandra Clare’s books that I’ve read so far, but I still really really enjoyed it. I am also really glad that I read The Infernal Devices trilogy in between City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels because there are quite a few references in CoG that went along with TID. I am already halfway through City of Lost Souls and Cassandra Clare never fails to impress me with her books ♡

Up Close and Personal

Another perk of switching from O to IG is the opportunity to get closer to the authors you love. Whether you are raving with fellow fans or following the inside scoop directly from the writer themselves, your experience will be much more engaging than watching the writer on Oprah’s couch.

Authors like Taylor Jenkins Reid (@tjenkinsreid) will not only give you an insider’s look into her work; she’ll give you the dish on her every day life.



You don’t have to surrender your undying allegiance to Oprah to start embracing the amazing new trend in books happening on Instagram. Start perusing this perfect platform for page-turners and take your obsession with reading to the next level!


You get a #bookstagram and you get a #bookstagram and YOU GET A #BOOKSTAGRAM!


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