Internationally cult-like successful podcasts like Serial have taught us just how influential spoken stories can be. And with us busy writers and avid readers not always having the working hours to dedicate to turning pages, podcasts are our go-to creative fuel. Add these to your podcast lineup to reawaken your literary junkie and maintain trailblazing momentum in your life.

Giving Voice to Your Courage with Dorit Sasson

Not only is ex-soldier Sasson the courageous author behind one of the hottest memoirs this season (Accidental Soldier), she is the soul-stirring creator of Giving Voice to Your Courage, a can’t-miss podcast series where Sasson interviews authors and small business owners on how they give soul to stories and brands.

Can’t Miss Episode: Giving Voice to Your Courage with She Writes Press Author Patti Clark  – listen here.

Magic Lessons with Liz Gilbert

With a mission to offer roadmaps for creativity and seduce the imagination, our literary crush forever Elizabeth Gilbert – author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic – gets candid about the creative process and features a carousel of influential guest experts. Writer’s block won’t have a chance if you include these deliciously inspiring podcasts in your listening lineup.

Can’t Miss Episode: Sexy, Dirty, Nasty, Wicked – listen here.

The Lit Up Show with Angela Ledgerwood

We admit: this podcast is the soundtrack to our workouts, daily commutes and basically every spare moment of our book-loving existence. This is the feminist cornucopia of literary goodness and everything books – and no topic is off the table. Load your smartphone with these delectably addictive podcasts to feed your trailblazer soul.

Can’t Miss Episode: Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler on coming of age in NYC, food culture, and lessons learned – listen here.

The Whole Leader Podcasts with Sara Yao

From how to cultivate flawless work-life balance to being a more mindful leader, this compellingly empowering podcast series by the Yao Consulting Group will help you become the trailblazing leader in the literary world you’re destined to be. The best part? Her tips will help you look and feel totally put together while doing it.

Can’t Miss Episode: The Introvert Entrepreneur with Beth Buelow – listen here.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin with Gretchen Rubin

You won’t find success in your professional fantasies unless you have a blissful and balanced foundation in your personal life – translation: unless you’re happy. That’s where Gretchen Rubin comes in. Episode by episode, she serves up secrets, tricks and wisdom for leading a happier more mindful life perfectly streamlined with your artistic one.

Can’t Miss Episode: Do You Always Ask “Why?” Maybe You’re a Questioner – listen here.

Criminal with Phoebe Judge

For readers who thrive on thrillers and are still searching for the next big true crime podcast since Serial, look no further. Criminal is insanely addictive and continuing the trailblazing trend of shining light on cracks and failures of an increasingly controversial judicial system. Episode by episode, your insatiable cravings for mystery will be satisfied one commute at a time.

Can’t Miss Episode:  The first – listen here.

New York Times Book Review with Pamela Paul

Want be the first to know about each season’s hottest new books? As Sunday Book Review Editor at the New York Times, Pamela Paul is ultimate source for deep dives into the current atmosphere of the literary world. Every week, the world’s most brilliantly talented and innovative authors join Paul in vivacious musings on the season’s hottest books, literary reviews, budding ideas and the current trends dominating the creative world.

Can’t Miss Episode: New York Times Bestselling Author Peggy Orenstein talks about her conversation-stirring book  “Girls and Sex” – listen here.

Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham

If you haven’t devoured fellow book-nerd Lena Dunham’s delicious podcast series detailing unapologetic views on love, body confidence, navigating the corporate world and hilarious insights on friendship, then you’re missing out on a MAJOR dosage of girl power. For those ladies a fan of Girls and following Dunham’s social blurbs, these episodes will tickle your inner girl boss and inspire a new wave of confidence.

Can’t Miss Episode: The Big Picture – listen here.

The Allusionist with Helen Zaltzman

If you’re a fan of linguistic facts, wordplay and a total aficionado for the English language, you’ll be wowed by this witty podcast series which goes beyond books. Designed for annoying know-it-all word nerds, this is the perfect podcast to accompany your morning cup of joe and hey – even worth ditching the Sunday crossword puzzle for (because we know you’ll do it on Monday).

Can’t Miss Episode: We’re obsessed with all of them, but “Big Lit” is beyond fantastic – listen here.

Let it Out with Katie Dalebout

Love reading wellness books? If you loved Katie Dalebout’s transformative book Let It Out, be prepared to completely swoon over this bliss-inducing podcast series dedicated to motivating her readers to maintain daily wellness. If you need to carve out a few moments in your day to feel warm and fuzzy, simply download one of her euphoric podcast episodes which regularly interview each season’s most influential authors and social folk.  

Can’t Miss Episode: Tiffany Han on Life’s Journey, Podcasting, Creating and More – listen here.

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