Project Description

Rebecca Austill-Clausen grew up in New England, north of Boston, and now lives amongst the rolling hills of Chester County, PA. She graduated summa cum laude with an advanced master’s degree in occupational therapy from Boston University, and holds a BS in Occupational Therapy from Utica College of Syracuse University. She has initiated hundreds of occupational therapy programs nationwide, serviced over 100,000 clients, and founded highly successful rehabilitation private practices in PA, DE, NJ, LA, and NM. Austill-Clausen has written for eleven professional publications. Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life is her first book.


Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life is Rebecca Austill-Clausen’s story of her discovery that she could communicate with her brother after he died. Following this realization, a world she never imagined opened up to her―even as she doubted her sanity and feared she would lose the respect of her colleagues, as well as the love and support of her family. Austill-Clausen struggled with how her spiritual awakening and eventual spiritual transformation could mesh with the practical everyday world―the one where she had a rapidly growing rehabilitation business to run, and where she was known as a knowledgeable, science-based expert in the field of occupational therapy.

Each chapter of Change Maker explores spiritual beliefs and understanding, includes an original black-and-white illustration by Micki McAllister, and ends with an “Illumination”―guidance, suggestions, encouragement, and inspiration for readers who wish to pursue their own spiritual journey. The end result is a book that blends the best of memoir, self-help, new-age philosophy, and inspiration.