Project Description

Ashlee Wells Jackson is a light chaser, photographer and writer currently calling sweet Chicago home. She lives with her husband, Jeremy; son, Xavier; surviving identical twin daughter, Nova and their trio of creatures Astra Cheesecake, Oscar and Mahana. She is the owner of Windy City Pin Up, Ashlee Wells Jackson Photography and video producer for Jackson Media. She has presently shifted gears to focus full time on 4th Trimester Bodies Project through ongoing travel shoots, body positivity talks and gallery shows.


In 2013, Ashlee Wells Jackson turned personal tragedy into a worldwide movement promoting body acceptance and open dialogue about the pregnancy and postpartum issues women face. In The Fourth Trimester Bodies Project, she has compiled photographs of women after they’ve delivered their babies and shares their personal stories. The images are meant to shed light on the true beauty of a women’s body, celebrate differences, and acknowledge the physical and emotional impacts of childbearing on a woman’s life.