Dear readers and clients,

Over the years, our beloved clients have come to learn this about the BookSparks team: we are professionally obsessed with disrupting the traditional publishing industry. We aren’t afraid to take leaps and bounds – especially when those brave publishing and PR jumps involve bringing pioneering new talent into the literary limelight.

We not only recognize the innovative new voices which will change the publishing game, but we wake up every morning with the purpose of driving their talent into the forefront of every digital headline. From topping the algorithm of every social network’s newsfeed to gracing the glossy pages of the nation’s top magazines to landing into the hands the world’s most influential and famous readers (Reese Witherspoon and Lena Dunham, included) – we thrive on creating the opportunities for your books to change the world.

The truth is our clients make that job easy for us, because they are this era’s literary trailblazers – the fearless writers and authors who relentlessly and unapologetically carve the future of the written word. That’s what this month’s “Trailblazing Issue” all about?


You are the writers changing the world one letter, word and book at a time. You are the entrepreneurial voices to be read and the publishing pot-stirrers for the next generation of literature. You are the pioneers of written entertainment and we’re here to feed your passion, ignite your motivation and support you as you reach the summit of your wildest publishing dreams.  

From the podcasts to fuel your morning pre-writing flow sessions, unparalleled publishing wisdom from top authors and compelling memoirs that will induce waves of writing and reading inspiration, this issue is about inspiring our trailblazers to take that next great literary step – whether it’s the first or the final, you are the ones who will change the publishing world forever

You are the future. YOU are the trailblazers. This one is for you.

Warmly and Sincerely,

The BookSparks editorial team

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